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Upload your prescription and claim form and we'll take care of the rest. After processing your prescription, your medication will be delivered to your office within 4 business hours.

I hereby consent to be enrolled into the Minet Concierge Medication Delivery Service




This program is a voluntary member-centered program. Members can order prescription and non-prescription medicines for delivery to their office or home. This program guarantees privacy, efficiency and savings.


MINET will cover the full-cost of medicines ordered. However, the member will be responsible for payments if their allocated limits have been exhausted.


We deliver using a certified and safe concierge service. Delivery in Nairobi County is guaranteed in less than 4 business hours. Orders outside of Nairobi will be delivered next-day or within 12 business hours.


"Now, I can save for retirement."

Thanks to MINET Concierge, this client has cut the cost of her hypertensive medication by half, allowing her to save more money for retirement.

Monthly Savings: Ksh 2,000
Total Amount Saved Each Year: Ksh 24,000

"Our baby is thriving and we are saving big."

This client's infant son is required to take a specific formula 3x a day for the next three months. With MINET Concierge, the family will save a total of Ksh 108,000 when compared with other pharmacies.

Monthly Savings: Ksh 36,000
3 Months of Savings: Ksh 108,000

"I wish I had found MINET concierge sooner."

One diabetic client asked HR to increase his benefits. HR went the extra mile and matched what MINET Concierge has to offer. The patient found insulin through our program and now pays Ksh 12,000 less than what he normally pays.

Ksh 12,000 saved every month, for life.

"I can afford my medicines without having to pay out of pocket."

Suffering from chronic pain isn't easy - especially when your family is dependent on you for medical coverage. Before this customer found MINET Concierge, she would pay Ksh 19,000 for her monthly pain management medication. With MINET Concierge, she can pay for medication for herself and her family -- without spending a shilling

Other Medical Facility: Ksh 19,000
MINET's Price: Ksh 6,000



You order. We deliver. No more long queues -- we are the pharmacy that comes to you.

Cost Saving

Enjoy 20-40% savings on your medicines. No substitutions. Free refill notifications every month.


We deliver within 4 business hours at no extra cost. Receive notifications every step of the way.


We fiercely protect your privacy. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Deliveries with a trained, branded, and secure rider.